Think you have what it takes to be an #LPCPrince?

Become a
Brand Rep!



You must have a boy between the ages of 0-12 years old and be passionate about all things BOY.

We do not have a specific "look" we are going for, and representatives will not be chosen based solely on their appearance - we want boys of all shapes, sizes, and colors!


You must have the ability to take high quality photos that can showcase both your son's unique personality and a clear view of LPC products.

All social media profiles must be public and display quality, appropriate photos, and receive engagement on posts from existing followers.


You must be creative, responsible, and dedicated.

We are looking for brand reps that have strong engagement on existing posts on their account, have a strong "voice" to relate to our audience, and can creatively style our products into fun and unique outfits.


- Monthly allowance for €40 in free product

- 15% OFF all purchases at
(can be combined with other discounts!)

- Opportunity to earn cash commissions on referred sales

- Additional opportunities to earn more free product

- Chance to be featured on our social media and other marketing platforms



- 3 social media posts per month on your own feed

- 3 instagram stories about Treadinglemmings where you share codes/promotions, show off your products, and provide positive and honest thoughts about the company

- 6 unique images emailed to LPC per month,
showcasing your own creative flair

- In-depth review of all products received

- Like/comment/engage with LPC on social media



Brand representative teams that include a PRINCE and a KING get extra perks, like an extra €20/month to spend on free gear. Just make sure Dad is willing to participate in at least one post per month and two unique images.


Every month we will have special opportunities to earn additional free product by completing activities such as recording videos, writing guest blog posts, filling out questionnaires, providing feedback on potential new products, or participating in special challenges.


After 3-6 months of successfully representing our brand, the best LPC Princes will be bestowed the title of LPC Grand Prince and get €60 per month to spend on product and 25% off all purchases. To qualify, show additional initiative through the quality of your images, frequency of engagement, promoting our brand, etc.


1. Click the link below to fill out an online application and submit images for consideration.

2. Make sure you are following Treadinglemmings on Instagram and Facebook.

3. If selected, you will be notified via email.

4. You will need to sign a brand representative contract prior to receiving your first monthly coupon.

5. Each month, you will receive a coupon good for free product from a specially curated selection of products so you can choose items that fit your personal style.

6. Throughout the month you will complete your Brand Representative requirements, which we will verify prior to issuing the next coupon.

7. Repeat! You can continue being a Brand Representative as long as you want, so long as you fulfill your monthly requirements!


TIP: Have fun with your application and show off your unique personality, style, and quality of work!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose brand reps?

We are looking for brand reps in all shapes, sizes, and colors from many different backgrounds, as we promote a community of diversity and inclusion. However, our selections are not based off of each boy's "look" or other such attributes.

Here are a few things we DO look for when choosing a brand rep:

  • Ability to take great photos that match our aesthetic
  • Have an active, authentic, family friendly, and organically grown presence on social media (public profiles only, please)
  • Have a boy between the ages of 0-12 (or can fit in clothing from size 3M to youth size 12)
  • Ability to represent our brand, not only in our apparel alone, but also in our brand values (read more about our values here)

We invite families and children of all backgrounds to apply. We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

How much time do I need to dedicate to being a brand rep?

That is totally up to you! Our program is designed to provide maximum value for a minimal amount of effort. While we do enforce the monthly requirements and maintain high expectations for the quality of work that is submitted back to us, we do not require a specific amount of time to be spent each month.

How much will this cost me?

Becoming a brand rep is completely free! In fact, you will receive FREE product in return for supporting and promoting our brand! However, with the way our website is set up, you will need to pay a nominal shipping charge (€6 for standard shipping) and any product costs over your monthly allowance. The best part though is that this set up allows you to choose your own free products each month, rather than just hoping we send you something you like. :)

Can I participate if I rep for other brands?

Absolutely! We do not place restrictions on our brand reps or ask them to sign exclusivity agreements. However, we do ask that any other brands you rep (and your entire social media feed, in general) be kept authentic and family friendly, so that we can feel confident and comfortable sharing your page with our customers and fans.

Can I participate if I don't live in the US?

Yes! We ship our products worldwide and welcome reps from all across the globe. Please just be aware that you will be responsible for shipping fees on the free and discounted products to your home country. We offer duty free shipping to most locations (it is included in the shipping fee, so you shouldn't get an additional charge).

Can I submit an application for multiple children from the same family?

Sure! Families with multiple brand reps are definitely accepted. Each family situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine whether the family should maintain a single brand rep account which involves multiple children, or establish separate accounts for each child, or some combination thereof (depending on the number of children participating).

What happens if I don't complete the monthly requirements?

If you've worked with us before, you know we are pretty chill. If you don't complete your requirements in a given month, we will let you know that you haven't met the expectations, and give you time to correct whatever is missing. However, your store discount will be temporarily suspended and no further monthly coupon codes will be issued until your account is brought back into good standing by completing any overdue requirements.

We are moms, and while we expect that you will take your role as a brand rep seriously, we understand that sometimes life happens. If you find you cannot fulfill your duties as a brand rep for Treadinglemmings at any time, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, we ask that you notify us promptly so we can work together to find a solution. If we cannot find a solution, we reserve the right to immediately end any and all agreements with a brand rep due to non-completion of services.