Our Promise to You

In a world of countless companies, we are a brand with purpose and intention. To make sure we never just *exist* to *sell clothes* we have implemented a culture at Treadinglemmings that motivates us to be the absolute best we can be! Hung on our walls in every room are constant reminders of what we believe- what will make your experience with us unlike any other brand interaction.  

As we read these, we hope to reach new levels of care and creativity. As you read these, we hope you have had experiences with us that confirm our efforts to be a brand you're happy to identify with.

We are human, and some of these goals are challenging, but know that we are always trying SO hard to serve you; to make your experience positive, to help you make an keep special memories, to make your life as a parent a little easier, and to make the lives of your kids a little more fashionable and exciting!

Crown Culture

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