Thank you for being here! We’re excited to be setting ourselves apart in the clothing industry by making high-quality, fashionable boy apparel for boys. Another major part of who we are is supporting those in need and saving lives. Click here to learn more about where 100% of our net profits are used.

What motivates us? As a brand, we're happy when we're able help others feel happy! An important part of our Crown Code (our company rules) states, "Serve, don't sell." Our motivations are to: serve our amazing customers with high quality products, serve those in need through our outreach and donations, and to serve our families. 

Helping Others

Yes, we are a clothing brand, but we never want to lose sight of our encompassing mission- to make a real impact on real lives. We actually want to make the world a better place. Bringing you fashionable, affordable clothing will help you and your boys through your day, but there are people at this very moment going through things much bigger and sometimes scary. Our hearts are close to families with babies in NICU- premature, low birth-weight, or other birth defects and illnesses. 

Because of you, we can give back 100% of our net profits to organizations that help those in need. So many infants and families going through challenges and emergencies have been helped, and we hope to encourage others to serve through the community you’re helping to build!

"We never want to lose sight of our encompassing mission- to make a real impact on real lives. We actually want to make the world a better place."

Real Needs

Our other motivation is clothing-specific. We’re an apparel brand, but we’re motivated by more than just “selling clothes.” If you've ever looked in a boy's section at any normal store, you've probably noticed the same thing as us: there's not much to it. How does the girl's section look like it came straight out of a trendy instagram boutique, while the boys get to pick from a shirt with either a dinosaur, baseball, or train on it? We love that our girls get so many options, but we had to find a way to fill this gap in the clothing industry. Our boys should have the same opportunity to explore modern styles, feel good in well-fitted clothes, and look just like their role-models... and now they do!

We've created items in virtually every category to make sure you can have what you need in every situation:

When you need a new dress shirt for your baby. 

When he needs a cute little tie for a wedding. 

When you need clothes that make it easier to get dressed and undressed.

When you need to come home and have real quality time with your son.

When you need some clothes that are going to actually last this time. And they need to be affordable.

We know your needs and feel your pains! We're here for you.

Passion and Purpose

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